Above All Roofing Systems, Inc. began as a small business operation and quickly grew to become a leading roofing corporation

due to Above All Roofing Systems dedication to hard work, fair prices, and most importantly, satisfied customers.


At Above All Roofing Systems, Inc. we consider it standard to be licensed, bonded, and insured. That is why Matthew has committed to staying up to date with the latest technologies and roofing advancements, while staying true to what has worked in the past.


Matthew Lamar founded Above All Roofing Systems, Inc. upon honesty and transparency. Each customer has been valued and respected within each project we have taken on. Above All Roofing Systems, Inc. has become the trusted local roofing corporation because of the loyalty we share with our customers. 

A Word from the Owner

Above All Roofing Systems is proud to offer all members of the military community - active duty, reservists, National Guard, Veterans, and immediate military family members a military discount on our roofing services. Matthew Lamar has served six consecutive years in the Army, and he believes it is his duty to continue serving the community now by protecting you and your family with a strong, long lasting roof. For more information, please contact Matthew Lamar personally at (615)-964-0444
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